Philly Cheese in lit cafe


2 pc Applewood smoked Bacon 2.75
3 pc Breakfast Chicken Sausage 3.25
Hash Browns 3.25
Japanese Brick Toast 1 pc 1.25
Avocado 2
Egg White 2
2 Cage Free Eggs 2.50


Add Avocado 2/ Charred Corn 2/ Grilled Chicken 3.25/ House Spice Rub Grilled Salmon 4.25

  • Kinda - Like - uh- Caesar

    romaine &iceberg lettuce. shaved parmesan cheese. citrus-buttermilk dressing. mixed bread croutons. fresh cracked black pepper

  • House Greens

    mixed greens. raspberries. goat cheese. chives. shredded carrots. candied almonds. yuzu vinaigrette

  • Quinoa CHOP!

    quinoa. grilled romaine ribbons. romaine. iceberg. black beans. parsley. kalamata olives.feta cheese. cucumbers. red onions. charredcorn. cherry tomatoes.yuzu vinaigrette

  • Warm Bacon Vinaigrette Spinach Salad

    baby spinach. romaine. strawberries. goat cheese. mixed bread croutons. warm bacon vinaigrette.


Add Avocado 2 / Applewood smoked bacon 2 pc 2.75

  • Apple & Brie Grilled Cheese

    sliced granny smith apples. fig spread. brie cheese. brick toast

  • Tuna Melt a la Erica

    albacore tuna. celery. cheddar cheese. house-made pickle. brick toast

  • Turkey Sandwich

    honey-roasted turkey breast. iceberg lettuce. oven-dried tomato.charred jalapeño & herb aioli. cranberry spread. sourdough brea

  • Philly Cheese ‘Tori’

    sliced confit chicken breast. smoked mozzarella. caramelized onion. sautéed mushrooms. chipotle aioli. hoagie bun

  • Grilled Chicken and Cilantro Pesto Sandwich

    house spice rub grilled chicken breast. mozzarella. cilantro pesto. baby wild arugula. oven-roasted tomatoes. sourdough bread


Add Avocado 2 / Sunny-side up Cage Free egg (1 ea) 1.25 / Applewood Smoked Bacon 2pc 2.75

  • A Burger by Mozart with Fries

    teriyaki-dipped usda ground beef.white cheddar mix.iceberg lettuce. oven dried tomato. red onion. extra-mile sauce. house-made pickle. potato bun

  • Lit Burger with Fries

    teriyaki dippedusda ground beef. parmesan andwhite cheddar mix.truffle aioli. iceberg lettuce. oven dried tomato. house-made pickles. fried buttermilk onions. potato bun


  • Lit Loco

    japanese-style hamburger steak. potato salad. pickled red onions. teriyaki jus. gravy. sunny-side up egg. japanese medium grain rice

  • Blackened Salmon Teriyaki Bowl

    blackendsalmon. house teriyaki jus. japanese medium grain rice, daikon sprouts. shiso. toasted sesame seeds. pickled red onions. wonton crisps


  • Herb-Parmesan Fries

    Fresh Herbs. Parmesan cheese.  Add White Truffle Oil +2

  • Beer Battered Onion Rings

    Choice of 1:  Blue cheese fondue
                         The Extra-Mile sauce
                         Sriracha BBQ sauce 

Fresh Baked Pasteries

[Limited Amount Daily]

  • Madelines [3 pc]

  • Canele

  • Apple Streusel Brioche

  • Brioche Coffee Bun

Breakfast Toasts

[Cream Pan’s Brick-cut Shoku Pan & lightly grilled] 

  • Open Faced Turkey Croque Monsieur

    gratine w. bechamel. parmesan. cheddar cheese. roasted turkey. parsley. citurs aioli

  • Morning Toast

    Gratiné w.cheddar &parmesan crust. citrus aioli 

  • Lit Brick Toast

    gratine w. cheddar &parmesan crust. srambled eggs. honey bacon. green onions. parsley. citrus aioli

Breakfast Plates

[All eggs are Cage Free Brown Egg]
Add Avocado to any dish $2

  • Mr. Rosas’ Breakfast Burrito

    scrambled eggs. caramelized onions. hash browns. cheddar cheese mix. breakfast chicken sausage. applewood smoked bacon. salsa verde

  • The Morning-Wich

    choice of bacon or breakfast chicken sausage


    1 broken-yolk. canadianbacon. 2 applewood smoked bacon. maple syrup. white cheddar cheese. hash browns.brick toast

  • Chilaquiles

    salsa verde de jairo. mozzarella. cotija cheese. corn tortilla chips. grilled applewood smoked bacon. sunny-side up egg. sour cream. mixed cabbage-cilantro slaw.

  • Garden Omelet

    Spinach. caramelized onions. mushrooms. green onions. roasted bell peppers. cheddar cheese mix. brie

    Addin 1 for 1:    applewood smoked bacon
                             breakfast chicken sausage

    Add all 3 for 3

  • Breakfast Burrito

    scrambled eggs. green onions.hash browns.cheddar cheese mix. honey. applewood smoked bacon. flour tortilla.

  • Lit Breakfast Burrito

    scrambled eggs. green onions. maple syrup soaked pancake bar. hash browns. sharp cheddar mix. apple wood smoked bacon.flour tortilla.

  • The Combo

    2 eggs. hash browns. brick toast

    Choose 1:  bacon (3 pc) 
                      breakfast chickensausage (3 pc)
                      canadianbacon (3 pc)